Handling Weed

I have a customer with 3 Weed racquets. Sorry... if you were expecting something else.:D

First couple of racquets he insisted on Weed string and the Live Periphery stringing system, so I went out and ordered string from Weed. I am just posting this for informational purposes. Weed string consists of a very basic synthetic gut and then 8 ft of what they call Durbin string. Durbin has been out of business for a couple decades. What Weed is actually sending out as Durbin string appears to be Guterman's cheapest nylon AG16. So, don't fall for this nonsense. The Live Periphery is an opportunity to find a home for short remnants at the end of a reel. I have plenty of these and was delighted to find a home for 8 ft of X1 BiPhase. So, there's a reason not to toss those in the trash!
Yes,one misguided decisions was the banning of industrial hemp growing in the USA.
Very important from colonial times. Now we have to import from Canada. A hemp based overgrip would be interesting.
Full disclosure, this strain doesn't cause mood altering effects.