Happy 30th Anniversary!


yes great business have used you since inception
curious though alot of accolades goto many people, as I
said have been with you since the beginning a name I remember, play tester estrodnaire ,and I thought owner
was DON HIGHTOWER. so where is he now

TW Staff

Thanks for the kind words! Don Hightower was the President of Tennis Warehouse until he retired in 2020.

Brittany, TW
Congratulations TW! This site, TWU and your awesome retail services put you at the top of the global tennis industry!

My wish for an amazing celebratory addition would be to enhance the TWU database with the dozen or so legendary rackets that were around before TW. Perhaps the following would be the best starters (I noticed you already have PS85):

1. Dunlop MAX 200G (better get a 'light' model around 365g as that is what Steffi & Mac used)
2. Dunlop MAXPLY Fort wood
3. Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95
4. Prince Original Graphite
5. Wilson Jack Kramer wood

Would be fascinating to be able to compare the specs of these historical frames to the latest models on TWU.