Happy 50th Birthday, Pete Sampras!



Today, August 12, 2021, one of the greatest tennis players in the history of tennis, Pete Sampras, celebrates his 50th birthday. During his career, he won 14 Grand Slam titles and 64 ATP singles titles, while spending 286 weeks in first place in the ATP world rankings. He has won 7 times Wimbledon, 5 times US Open and 2 times Australian Open. Until 2009, he held the record for the number of grandslams won, before being surpassed by Roger Federer.

In terms of gaming skills, Sampras has been known during his career for his excellent serve, which many (fans & experts) consider to be the best in the history of tennis. His other strengths included volleys, smashes or forehands.

Sampras' biggest rival was Andre Agassi, with whom he created the most interesting tennis rivalry of the 1990's. His other big rivals included Goran Ivanisevic, Boris Becker or Patrick Rafter.

Sampras ended his career in triumph at US Open 2002 and 5 years later he enter into the Tennis Hall of Fame.


Hall of Fame
Happy 50th

Truly one of the greatest the game has ever seen !!
Let us hope the future generations are not as stupid as some here to measure greatness by slam count alone


Didn't face anyone on the level of the Big 3 and wasn't good on clay.
Plus his next gen was weak, yet he could not capitalize the weak/transitional era (00-03), Agassi was milking slams from 99, even Johansson won an AO, Sampras could not take AOs and even could not take USOs, that last USO was a fluke due to Hewitt being on the other side of the draw.

Sampras's weakness on courts with high bounce raises the same doubts which we have for Nadal on courts with low bounce.

Federer and Djokovic are more evenly balanced GOAT candidates and mentally Novak is 1.


Hall of Fame
I'm pretty sure he's 50, not: 30414093201713378043612608166064768844377641568960512000000000000
I'll see myself out


Happy birthday, legend. I mostly found him sinfully boring during his day, but he's that sort of star that appreciation of his greatness can only grow as the years go by and the fact of it becomes undeniable once everything else falls away.