Happy Birthday Dedans Penthouse


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to my most Beloved.......
Happy birthday to you
Have a wonderful day my Yankee Doodle Dedans;)


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Happy Birthday to one of the funniest & clever posters ( who must be a writer by trade) on this forum and may you hit many more notes on those keys.


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Happy B-Day! make sure to drink all the beer before using the bottles to launch bottle rockets !!!! Have a good one. :)


Happy Birthday Dedans. May you have many more years of writing posts on this forum to confound the ones who don't get you. swak!


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Thank God you remembered, ILC. After last year's faux pas.

Happy Birthday, Mr D.

Have a great day and year. Love your posts, even if i can't understand some ;-)

Mike Bulgakov

As I walk up to the club hosting Dedans Penthouse's birthday party, I notice norcal's neighbor sitting on a tree swing, and wave to her. Adjusting the shoulder strap of her summer dress, she waves back, just as a warm summer wind kicks up.


I order a grape Ciroc martini for Dedans. Happy birthday.

ILC, Phil, The Shaun, jmverdugo, bluegrasser, drakulie, Tennisea Williams, Fena 14, Fee swak, J011yroger, Sentinel and Mikey Bulgakov:

Thank you for the kind sentiments and more importantly thanks for "you" ... for making me smile, laugh and 'think' while reading your posts. In my eyes, you (and others here) make up the 'interesting poster' component of our little TW-TT dysfunctional family.

ILC (to paraphrase Yogi Berra) thanks for making this thread 'necessary' kumquat! ...wink......cyberkiss(es)