Happy Birthday Doris J. Hart - Champion

Doris J. Hart (b. June 20, 1925), 87 years young today.

Former World #1 ranked player.

Won 35 Grand Slam titles:
- 6 singles
- 14 doubles
- 15 mixed doubles

Won Career Grand Slam:
- 1949 Australian Open
- 1950, 1952 French Open
- 1951 Wimbledon (won "triple crown" singles, doubles, mixed doubles on the same day)
- 1954, 1955 U.S. Open

One of only 3 women to have a "boxed set" of Grand Slam titles--every possible title (singles, same-sex doubles and mixed doubles at each of the GS tournaments). Margaret Court & Martina Navratilova were the other two to accomplish this feat.

One of only 2 women to defeat Maureen Connolly in a Grand Slam tournament. Would've won more GS except for the fact that of Connolly's 9 GS titles, 4 of them were over Hart.

Happy Birthday Doris J. Hart - Champion

Mike Bulgakov

She had a really impressive career. I am generally pretty good with tennis history, but I didn't know about her. Her Grand Slam achievements put her with the all-time greats.

I looked her up and noticed that she went to the University of Miami. Miami had an infamous game against Cal in 1990, which I was at, where the Hurricanes went way overboard with taunting and "excessive celebrations." The ESPN documentary "The U" had a lot of footage of the game.

Doris probably didn't have the same kind of dances and celebrations after her wins. If she did, I would like to see the footage.
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That boxed set stat is impressive. We talk so much about Court and Navratilova, I'd forgotten her. She belongs at the very highest echelon for doubles achievement. But for Little Mo, I suspect she'd be a lot higher in our estimation.


One of the great players of the 50´s.Come to notice, a decade rich of american stars, possibly the greatest ever decade for american women tennis players.Hart was a great one, like Mo,Gibson,Fry,Dupont.I don´t know if Betz and Marble still played by then...


Doris Hart's successes are even more impressive, if we regard her difficult beginnings. As far as i know, she had a desease, what we call in German 'Kinderlähmung', 'polio' is - so i think- the English term, and it affected one of her legs (it was shorter than the other leg) and her movement.
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