Happy Birthday Voltron!


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday young Volty.............
Happy Birthday to you!
Have a great day!!!!
Hi, we don't know each other, but as fellow (astr0logically=xpecking) "moon children"...happy birthday Voltron.

Moonchild Voltron: SUNVOLT: happy birthday.
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I'm a about a week late on thanking you guys, but I guess that's fairly typical of me. ;) Many thanks for your kind words, and I hope I'm able to get on here more. :D

happy birthday!!!:D

WOW haven't seen Voltron around in ages!!!!Where is he??
Seeing doctors, lots and lots of doctors. :(


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Haven't seen you in a bit, Voltron, with the troll bug spray !!

Wish you a great day and year, even if belated.


I have 1/4th of a cake with a stripper in it left over from Leelord and Dedan's brithday. :???:

have a good one bro.