Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!


Who doesn’t like Happy Hour?!

Here at Tennis Warhouse, we decided to combine two of our favorite things: Tennis and Happy Hour!

Each week we will feature some great specials that you can only buy during Happy Hour! Including racquets, apparel, bags, shoes, etc.!

Happy Hour takes place every Wednesday between 1pm – 6pm PST.

Click HERE to get to the Happy Hour Deals!

Make sure you check out the deals and steals every week!


Michelle, TW
How do we see what is on sale for Happy Hour?


Bionic Poster
Add a fourth shoe,


so weird, I thought I remembered seeing a staff post saying HH would continue through the holidays, but I don't see it anymore.

but yeah I'm assuming it just fell through with all the holiday sales going on.
aaahhh...i didn't see that. oh well...

and your screen name is awesome!


I wonder if TW would accept returns of brand new shoes, if they don't fit?
As long as they were originally purchased from TW and were NOT worn on court.
To add to what @dkmura said, I believe you can return items purchased from TW in “original condition” up to a year from purchase. I know I’ve bought a bunch of grommets, moved to a different frame, and returned the grommets 6-8 months later.

The caveat is you get a full refund up to 90 days from purchase, and after that you get either an exchange or store credit.