Happy Thanksgiving


Davis Cup starts on the 25th, but I am not sure it will be televised. Nothing but NCAA or NFL football to watch. I am going to try and keep my caloric intake to less than 5000 calories for the entire day. :p


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It's the 3 F's
Family, food and football.
And a lot to be thankful for!

I host every year and my mom and aunts bring pies.

As they are getting older I am going to take a shot at Pecan Pie with the added benefit that when my pals come over they can no longer complain that I have nice Scotch but no Bourbon. From what I am seeing you need nice Bourbon to make a Pecan Pie.


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I'm thankful that I found this community. I've learned so much from all of you. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and a hearty thanks to those outside the US!


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Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m very thankful for the camaraderie (and the [mostly] good natured humor) among my stringer friends I’ve never met). Enjoy the day!


A Happy Thanksgiving to all... and, as always, a big thanks to @jim e for kicking off the well wishes! :giggle:

For those who may be new around here, it has become a much loved tradition each holiday season.