Hardcore Calory burning program


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I thought It would be cool to share the training I've been doing the last couple of months. Of course, there's a diet but I wont detail it here.
I also play tennis 3 times a week, 1h30 to 2 hours each time. I found myself playing less the last few months, I dont know why, maybe too tired from the gym but it's worth the effort.
And also: I run 15 Km twice a week.
This training I do it twice a week, on tuesday and thursday with my coach at the gym. I will also write my heartrate bpm at the end of each exercise to give an idea.

1st Circuit:
No pause between exercises
1min30 pause between each circuit
This circuit is done 5 times

1/ 12 Pull ups (140 bpm)
2/ 12 kettlebell 2 hand swing - 20 kgs (160 BPM)
3/ 24 High bench step up with with kettlebell in 1 hand - 20 Kgs (175 BPM)
4/ 12 push ups (180 BPM)
5/ 12 burpees (190 BPM)
6/ 30 sec Low Plank - 30 sec Side Plank Left - 30 sec Side Plank Right - 30 sec Low Plank (140 BPM)

After doing this 5 times you just wanna throw up
So you take 5 min to rest, check your messages, drink water etc.

Then war resumes...

2nd circuit

No pause between exercises
1min30 pause between each circuit
This circuit is done 5 times but very often I'm so tired I dont it only 3 times then I hit the sauna!

1/ 10 Front Quats (bar+15+15 Kgs) (140 bpm)
2/ 20 kettlebell 1 hand swing (left and right hands) - 15 kgs (150 BPM)
3/ 10 kettlebell squat jerks - 25 Kgs (180 BPM)
4/ 10 step high jumps (190 BPM)
5/ 40 mountain climbers (180 BPM)
6/ 1 min Low Plank (140 BPM)

A complete calory burning workout
You work almost everything you need for tennis, muscle reinforcement, stamina, except maybe the biceps
what you guys think?
Thanks for sharing.
It sounds like you are working hard.

I hope Suzanna McGee, who posts here as sxftlion and has a great fitness training site (Tennis Fitness Training http://www.tennisfitnesslove.com/ ).
She is the most expert poster on kettlebell training here.
She actually is also an expert bodybuilder. Which leads me to ask, did you used to do extensive weight room workouts before developing kettlebell expertise?
How much instruction in kettlebell use did you get?
How much instruction should others get so as to avoid injury swinging the kettlebell?


It's been a while I was at TW, and here I see talking about me. That's a great routine, I do similar things like you. Maxi circuit, no rest between the exercises. I generally hold the planks at least 1 minute. Also, if you want to add even more intensity to your kettlebell swings, add some flips. Underspin, overspin, sidespin... it makes it so much more intense. And I do about 35 swings (1 minute).

I think people should get at least a couple of good lessons in kettlebell training, just for the basic stuff/swing. If they learn the correct swing, then everything else will follow smoothly and quickly.


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Kettlebell circuits are the only way that I can get a decent conditioning workout in less than 30 minutes. Truly a great simple piece of equipment.


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I cant really say I'm an expert.
Not at all. The gym bought a kit 2 months ago and my coach tought it'd be great, after years of circuits using dumbellsnald bars, to make the switch.


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About injuries and instruction: correct me if i'm wrong, but you have to maintain your back straight at all times by gainage of the abs. Always try to gain your abs.
And warm up obviously.


Good programme! Thanks for posting and sharing it.
I belted thru it. The biceps arent needed for me to crank the MPH on the ball.