Has anyone played with this?


Hello All,

Tecnifibre TFight 315 Dynacore Racquet

Subject the above has anyone played with this racquet?
IF so can you describe the feel of this as compared to say a Head Prestige MP
( microgel, youtek versions)

Is the feel stick, or plush like?

And how is it spin wise if you have a reasonably correct technique?



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Never played with a Prestige MP.

The Dynacore 315 is stiff and muted, IMO. More typical of the modern feeling frames. It has a very direct and clean response. I like the way it feels, but plush is not a word I'd use to describe it. It's on the stiffer end of the comfort spectrum.

It plays great. It's plenty stable, has plenty of power on tap, and pretty easy access to spin. Great maneuverability. If you need more stability or power - it has room to add some weight in the hoop without making it too heavy or clunky.


Okay so thats two very different opinions on the same frame.
I guess according to spinovic its not like a Wilson or Babolat feel am I right judging by your comment.
And I guess by stiff feeling it would be easy to control? How about easy on the arm?
I guess I am leaning more and more towards it judging by your post.
i wonder why more of the pros do not play with it.....Maybe the sponsorship issue.