Has anyone tried Gosen Polylon Ice strings?


I read that they are just as playable as they are durable, which is a very good thing. Plus its only $29.99 for a 660 foot reel, which is amazing.

How are these strings?


Yea they are very durable and lots of spin IMO, but the thing is that if you hit flat shots alot you wont enjoy these as much. And of course you have to generate your own power if you use these strings. But i liked these strings better when i hybrid it. So in conclusion i think these strings are very durable (took me 3 months to snap) and its good in hybrids haha :D

Mad iX

They aren't bad. Durable but tension doesn't last that long and definitely not recommended for tender elbows.
Excellent for the price.


they are a VERY stiff poly. one of the stiffest i have hit with IMO. i've never hit them in a hybrid though.