Has the French Open been a dud this year?


Most Big 3 fans: This tournament is a dud when my guy doesn’t win.

More seriously, it doesn’t help that Fed retired and Thiem has gone AWOL. Rublev lost early but he was in the wrong side of the draw anyway. Med couldn’t challenge Stefanos.

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Ofcourse not. It has been good.

Ruud vs ADF
Isner vs Tsitsipas
Medevedev vs Tsitsipas
Rafa vs Shorty
Bot vs Berrettini
Bot vs Musetti first 2 sets
Roger vs Koepfer
Musetti vs Cecchinato

All very good matches.


Well, the organizers wanted this way. Maybe if we had a Nadal vs Zverev semi-final and Thiem was playing against Tsitsipas in this semi-final things could've been different. But it's the FO. It's another routine title for Nadal, lol.

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Thiem losing early didn't help the tournament at all. But there've been quite a few interesting stories to watch this year:

Can Roger win any matches at Slam-level?
Can Nadal break the Slam record?
Will Djokovic put the 2020 final behind him and show up for the upcoming semifinal?
Just how far can Medvedev make it at RG?
What kind of statement will Tsitsipas make in this tournament?

The problem is that those stories don't often come with good matches. In fact, I can't think of any particularly outstanding match. Even 2019 had the really good Tsitsipas-Wawrinka 4R and 2020 had a decent Tsitsipas-Djokovic semifinal. Unless the second semifinal and the final deliver, I won't be able to list any particularly impressive matches.
Uhh the men’s side is full of top seeds. The women’s side is full of absolute nobodies. Even Swiatek lost. Honestly the top players on the women’s side have zero consistency.
The women’s matches have been competitive while most men’s have been routs or petered off after the first half


I have enjoyed it as much as I can ever enjoy RG. Horrible Tennis Channel coverage. Lots and lots of predictability. Lots of grinding . . .

But there have been some pretty good matches sprinkled into the mix. And at least Nadal or Djokovic will go home today, so that's a plus.

Cannot WAIT to get off red clay and onto the grass.


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Bad tourney for big names on the women's side, though some pretty good matches.

I think the men's side has been pretty good and while this may be unpopular, but this is a very good first semi right now (Z versus Tsit) and let's hope Rafa and Novak deliver. Not bad at all.

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I will admit I have watched a couple of grass matches this week.
Roland Garros has not been terrible, though. Standard clay tennis. The matches drag out forever.