have a good laugh:Nadal and Fed have a secret pact

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    Frankie’s News can today exclusively reveal that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, the respective No.1 and No.2 ranked players in the world of Men’s Tennis, have been engaging in a number of private telephone conversions. These conversations have been secretly recorded by an unknown person and offered to the world’s media for a six-figure sum.

    Following intense negotiations late last night, Frankie’s News finally managed to secure a recording of the latest conversion between these two tennis players. The recordings were purchased from a man referring to himself as a Mr. D. Joker (a pseudonym we suspect).

    We at Frankie’s News pride ourselves in being the best at breaking all the latest stories. One of our top journalists spent the early hours of this morning at his desk to provide you, our readers, with a transcription of the phone conversation. We thought that you may enjoy reading it whilst drinking your morning coffee.

    Without further ado, here is the transcrption:

    Toni Nadal: Hola, dis is Uncle Toni speaking.

    Roger Federer: Oh, good afternoon Mr Nadal. It’s Roger here. I was wondering if I could have a word with Rafa?

    Toni Nadal: Roger Moore? Oh, I am very big fan of Meester Bond. I tink you are my favorito James Bond. Rafa will be very happy, no? He too like dee Martini shaken but wit no stirring!

    Roger Federer: No, Mr Nadal. It is Roger Federer.

    Toni Nadal (sounds disappointed): Oh, I very sorry. I will call Rafa. Not too long por favor. Rafa needs to go siesta. Very tuff match for him tomorrow, no?

    Roger Federer
    : Sure, I won’t keep him long. But I thought he was playing Robin Soderling tomorrow. I’m sure it’s not going to be that ‘tuff’ for him.

    (Lots of shouting can be heard as Toni Nadal calls his nephew to the phone. It is all in Spanish and unfortunately we at Frankie’s News regret to inform you that we did not have enough time (or money) to hire a translator.)

    Rafa Nadal: Hola, Roger! I very happy to talk with jou again. I wish I see jou more often but you no make a final since Australia.

    Roger Federer (sounds cross): No. Look, I wanted to ask you whether you had thought about what I said when I called you the other night.

    Rafael Nadal: About dee French Open. Yeah, Roger, I tink about it, but I no tink is a bueno idea…

    Roger Federer (sounds annoyed): Why not? Like I explained last time, no-one will ever know and it couldn't be a fairer deal. I’m offering you the US Open in exchange. Just let me get the last damn Slam missing from my résumé and I'll allow you to get yours. Please remember that I am giving up a record of six-in-a-row at the US Open if you agree to the pact.

    Rafael Nadal: I know dat Roger but Uncle Toni, he say…

    Roger Federer: Oh no, not Uncle Toni again. I told you to keep him out of this. Why do you always have to listen to him? That’s one of the reasons I got rid of all my coaches, they just end up controlling your whole life. Rafa, you are nearly 23 years old. Surely you can decide for yourself?

    Rafael Nadal: I know dat Roger, but dee ting is…

    Roger Federer (sounds exasperated): Yes?

    Rafel Nadal (sounds sheepish): Well, I tink maybe jou no make it to dee finals dis year.

    Roger Federer (sounds explosive): What?!?! You think I, Roger Federer, 13-times Grand Slam champion, am not going to make it to the finals of any of the remaining Slams this year? Have you already forgotten who you had to beat in five sets to steal the trophy from in Melbourne? I can’t believe what I am hearing…

    Rafael Nadal: Sorry Rog. I only say dat for dee French and US Open, I still tink maybe jou get to dee Wimbledon final. But I tink dis year maybe I have chance for win at Calender Slam, no? So pact is bad for me, no?

    Roger Federer (sounds sad): But I thought you always said that I was the best? That you were sure I was going to equal Pete’s record? Now you’re changing your mind?

    Rafael Nadal: Well, ting is, that is what Uncle Toni tell me to say. I say to him dat maybe I am dee bess and he tell me, “Rafa, jou are never dee bess, always Roger.” So I muss say dat, even though it is not dee true. I tink maybe I will play Nole at dee French, jou at dee Wimbledon and Andy at dee US, no?

    (With that the phone conversation is ended abruptly as one of the two men slams down the phone. We at Frankie’s News are guessing that it is probably Roger who hung up.)

    Many of our journalists have commented on the similarity between this attempted pact and the deal which is believed to have taken between the two British politicians, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (known as the ‘Granita Pact’).

    However, the ‘Fedal Pact’ appears to have been halted by either Rafa or Toni Nadal (it is not clear from the telephone recordings who is really responsible for putting a stop to it).

    The ‘Granita Pact’, on the other hand, although never confirmed, seems to have successfully taken place. In the deal, Blair and Brown are believed to have agreed that Brown would step-down and allow Blair to become the Labour party’s leader. In return, Blair is thought to have promised Brown that if he successfully became the Prime Minister, he would step-down after a period of time and hand over the power to Brown.

    Frankie’s News would suggest that our readers follow the French Open to find their answer to whether the ‘Fedal Pact’ took place. If Roger wins in Paris we will presume that some sort of agreement was eventually reached.


    Rafa is gonna "tank" the FO for Fed and Fed is gonna "tank" USO for Rafa.Is there any easier way for Fed to become a GOAT than this?.j/k
    And the conversation was secretly recorded by Djokovic:)
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    Apr 26, 2009
    hahahaha good stuff, i can always do with a laugh.

    Thanks for posting

    KB x
  3. Dutch-Guy

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    Apr 27, 2009
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    Fed begging Rafa to tank the FO lol.If Fed wins RG this year,then i'd say this pact went through:).
  4. sh@de

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    Feb 1, 2009
    hahaha that was quite good.
  5. Safinator_1

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    Aug 24, 2008
    haha a good laugh tho, can that happen o.o
  6. papucla10

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    Jul 30, 2008
    very good, it would be a good pact
  7. hoodjem

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    Aug 12, 2007
    And if Fed wins the FO, he won't be the GOAT.

    It'll take a little more than that.
  8. FlamEnemY

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    May 6, 2008
    Oh God! Did they make the deal???

    lol, the conversation took place right before the Soderling match, where Nadal won of course... Mere coincidence?...
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    How do you Know Nadal will even Get to the Final of the US open ???????????
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    Wow, that was pretty racist.
  11. tennisplaya

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    May 20, 2009
    This is looking very suspicious now. Nadal didn't even cry after he lost, there could be something in this pact.
  12. Is this real? :)

    It sounds very realistic, and it would be a perfect explanation for what happened today.

    Unfortunately, no. :(

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