having wrist issue since...


im using natty gut main vs team & LXN 4G cross 17g. @ 60/58. i like the feel, spin and control i get from this. but after tennis game my wrist would hurt. before my set-up is co-poly @57lbs and i didn't have this issue at all.
Should I cut it out and go back to my co-poly? or Stay with till the stringbed would soften?


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due to the higher power of nattygut i suppose you wrist the ball too much in order to impart spin and keep it in, thus putting some unusual stress to your wrist.


I'm not sure if your wrist problems are due to injuries, but I've fractured my wrist multiple times and I used to get wrist pains, but after fixing my form, they went away.

I suggest icing it when you get off the court and try not to keep your wrist so stiff when hitting the ball