"He broke the contract, and it's very immoral" - Qinwen Zheng on Fissette


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After only a few months of joining Zheng team, Wim Fissette had breached his contract and joined back Osaka team. Wim helped Osaka win 2 of her 4 GS titles.

When asked recently by reporter regarding the split, Zheng said, "He broke the contract and it is very immoral. This is his choice and I will respect that. Even though this brings some harm to me and my family. I don't want to talk about that person right now, don't want to talk about him".

Probably boils down to two things: money and player potential. Maybe immorality, too :D.

Naomi who was known to part ways with coaches abruptly now meets her match - a coach that part ways with his player abruptly. Let's see how this turns out.


What does ,"break the contract" mean?

If there is a clause that allows him to terminate the contract, then it's not breaking it, and if he there is not , she can sue him.


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What does ,"break the contract" mean?

She's based in Spain — he's from Belgium. So subject to EU law.

Contracts are invalid if they breach labor laws like the right to quit or the right to be employed by a rival after you quit. These sorts of "bans" and restrictions are sometimes imposed by employers in job contracts ("traditions imported from overseas) but fortunately they are unenforceable in Europe... unlike more slavery-friendly places elsewhere where the (ex) employer can sue