Head 2022 Butt Cap - TK219HR - Breakdown for Replacement in Older Racquets


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First time posting wanted to share with you my review and breakdown of the Head 2022 - TK219HR - Buttcap.

This buttcap is made with much higher quality/more durable plastics than any of the previous head buttcaps that i've worked with. If you're using it as a replacement buttcap for a racquet that it is spec'd out for on the product page, I highly doubt you will have any issues with it.

If you're looking to use it as a replacement buttcap for an older racquet that is not listed on the product page, continue reading.

I am currently using these buttcaps to replace my Microgel Radical MP buttcaps. The TK219HR is the only buttcap available through retailers right now and if you want to get a previous generation buttcap, you're going to have to pay an upcharge for it. OR you can try to modify one to work as seen below:

Starting weight: 15.94g
Final weight: 11.29g
Items removed: extended plastic (.5g), metal weight inside of housing (4.11g), additional material (.04g).

To make this work, I needed the following items:
  • Heat Gun
  • Dremel - with wood and metal cutting extension
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Vise
  • Sandpaper
  • Patience
I started by opening the packaging and separating the buttcap, piece that shows the Head logo, from the buttcap housing. You can do it with your thumb by pressing down on the extended plastic or with a flathead screwdriver on the face of the buttcap. Next, I placed the buttcap in a vise and warmed the plastic with a heat gun to the point where it was warm, but not melted. While the buttcap was warmed, I used a dremel with a Wood and Metal cutting extension to sever the extended portion of the buttcap all the way down to the edge of the metal weight. At this point, you can use a heatgun to warm the Head sticker on the outside of the cap and use a flathead screwdriver to take off the sticker. Once the sticker is off, you can take the metal piece out by pressing it through the side where the sticker used to be. After this, you can sand down the extension to shorten it so that you can fit it in your older model racquet. Lastly, you can put the sticker back on and now you have a replacement buttcap for your older model Head racquet.

Here is a picture of the separated parts:

Items from Left to Right, Top to Bottom - Weight - Description:
Extended Housing for weight - .5g - Little plastic circle with tabs
Head Sticker - .72g - silver oval plastic thing
Buttcap - 6.91g - Buttcap without any modification
Metal weight - 4.11g - Yellow metal circle
Buttcap Post weight and extended housing removal - 1.53g - oval with empty circle in the middle
Buttcap Housing - 9.03g - large piece with grip size on the outside that the buttcap fits into that goes on the end of the handle.

This is what the metal weight looks like for before the final shaving down of extended housing for fit into older racquet:

BONUS: For anyone that has the following 2022 Head racquets:
  • Speed (Pro, MP, MP L, Team, Team L)
  • Instinct (MP, Team, Team L, PWR 110)
  • Prestige (Pro, Tour, Mp, MP Lite)
  • Boom (Pro, MP, Team, Team L)
If you want to make your racquet a bit more head heavy, you can pop your buttcap off, remove the Head sticker, use an Awl to push the metal weight out, and you've just lowered your static weight by ~4.11g and moved your balance towards head heavy a little bit.

Any questions or comments?