Head Active 660


I picked an interesting frame few weeks ago, then forgot about it in my monster garage... Today I puled it out and went for 2 hours of hitting.

It's a mint Head Active 660 "Made in Austria", original nylon still in.
660 head (102), somewhat elongated, narrower but longer then most of my 100sqin Princes.
16x19 is extremely open and even spaced, like on Instincts.
Weight is 353g with overgrip, dampener and nylon strings.
I measured SW at surprisingly low 316. Plays more powerful than that.
Balance is 31.9cm ~ 7.5 HL
Beam is 25 at the hoop, 23 at the throat. Plays soft and no vibrations.

Anyways, it played really nice, easy spin, reasonable launch angle - very few balls sailed long and good power. Sweet spot feels big and stability is good. Topspins from both wings felt good, slices and squash shots not so much - had timing problem on those. Serves were really steady and precise. Return so-so, but I didn't hit enough of those to fully adjust. Didn't get to volley much...

Now the big question - what is the Active? I haven't heard of it before. Anyone?