Head butt cap / pallet question TK82S (Head i.prestige)

Hey everyone

I was able to get my hands on a good condition Head i.Prestige MP, I love this frame!
I am going to remove the TK57 pallets (hate the rectangular shape) and install the TK82S round pallets.

Will a size 4 butt cap (original i.Prestige buttcap) fit on a size 3 TK82S pallet?

I remember when I installed the TK82S pallets on my liquidmetal prestige years ago and the guy at the pro shop told me that for the older head frames, butt cap sizes 1 and 2 were interchangeable as well as sizes 3 and 4 but I never had a bigger butt cap than a pallet until now...

Have ya’ll heard of this?


Yes the i.Prestige butt cap will fit, it should fit perfectly. The original i.Prestige butt cap is slightly smaller than the current butt caps so you shouldn't have any issues fitting them to the TK82S Grip Size 3 handle.

I have also used Size 2 butt caps on grips size 3 handles and Size 3 butt caps on Grip Size 4 handles. So yeah my experience has been that butt caps are interchangeable between one size up and down.

My i.Prestiges were also originally Grip Size 4.