Head custimisation help


Dont know that much about tennis, i play semi western, flat hitter, tend to stay on basline. i use a head prestige mid TGK 237.1

my problem:
I want to move my sweetspot to 12 0'clock (been told to put some lead tape at that position) but im looking for any tips in this thread,
How much? (i know it differs between individuals)
would i have to put lead tape on handle or even 6 o'clock to balance it out? whats the ratio so more lead tape at 12?.

ive been reading through old threads and by my knowledge as ive understood this (correct me if im wrong)

12 - Applying lead tape here will give you the greatest power boost and expand the sweet spot toward the tip of the racquet. The potential downside? The racquet might feel unwieldy, especially at the net.

9-3 - This configuration is twice as nice: It expands the sweet spot toward the sides of the frame, adding stability on off-center hits, and makes the racquet considerably more powerful.

10-2 - Weight placed at these two positions will increase the frames power, significantly reduce maneuverability, add some stability to the racquet on off-center hits, and stretch the sweet spot toward the upper edges.

i would like to add more spin aswell, as im thinking this way by moving sweetspot to 12 o'clock i will be able to wrap my racket around the ball more - this giving me bit more spin....correct?

anyone with this racket or simililar moulds/rackets can you give me your opinions,

thank you


IMO, adding weight to the Prestige Mid won't inherently provide the ability to add spin. Adding weight helps more for with plow through, stability, maneuverability and always adds swingweight. If found that Prestige Mid with 18x20 string pattern lends itself to being more of a flat hitting racket. With that said, lowering tension a little and using a thinner gauge string gave me the feeling I could spin more.
I think you should add like 1g at 12 and counter balance it inside the grip.
If you want more spin, you might want to switch strings, gauges, or lowering the tension like 4sound said. You can get away with using thinner gauges from the dense string pattern though which will help in the spin potential.


I'm not sure you'd see any difference with just 1g

Put 4g of lead at 12 and 4g in the butt cap (use v blu tak)

I'd say live with it for a min of 4 sessions to understand if you can make the adjustment to the added swing weight etc....

I think the prestige mid does benefit from some weight at 12. When I used them I settled on 6g in total at 10 & 2



@ 4sound - ive been lower tension on this racket for along time played with this for 1 yr consistantly, now im at 46lbs - messing around with different kind of string, problem being i hit deep (too many go just long), but thank you.

drkplayer+marcus - thank you both, since i created this thread last night i got reading about another thread about polorization and unpolorization - which got me to think about adding weight at 9-3 instead (bigger sweetspot, which i hit a lot of miss balls on the edge).
in that thread they were saying having lead just at 12 and handle will get more power but very hard to handle as balls will sail long - thats my problem now,

anyone with more insight, gradly to read players with more experiance/knowledge


You're on a slippery slope my friend. You'll find its great for some parts of your game but different for others. I find polarized setups are great for groundstrokes and serve but the stability for controlled volleys is a little more difficult. Distribution of the weight is key. When I was adding lead to the handle, I liked the feeling when I added it at 10cm from the bottom instead of at the butt cap. It doesn't seem like a big deal but I could totally tell.

Good luck.


thanks 4sound, by reading people setups on the polorization and un, just by reading other people posts i'll try a unpolorized setup before trying to try a polorized one.

sounds like customising lead tape is a fine, long process


I went down this road and it took me a while to find what worked for me. Since I was using pro stock frame, they come really light and you add weight to your own specs.

Like you, I was on a quest to find more spin out of my Prestige Mid and decided with to go with the 237.2 which is a Prestige Mid with a 16x19 string pattern. Being a more open pattern (than the standard Prestige Mid 18x20) it was easier to access spin; however I did give up a little accuracy.

If you have enough rackets, I'd suggest testing, using multiple rackets (3), incrementing a gram or 2 difference so you can compare during the same hitting session.

Look for where you wear the strings for placement of the 3/9. Some people hit higher in the hoop. I find it best to add the lead lined up with this area at 3/9 or a little above it. Be sure to string all the rackets at the same time so you have a consistent baseline of what you're dealing with.

Once you find what you like, the next challenge is getting all of your other rackets to match. This is a great thread for doing this on your own versus sending them to a customizer.

Racket matching and balancing

Good luck.