Head dampener that must be strung

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by beernutz, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Yesterday on a court I found what appears to be a dampener with the Head logo on it. It is light brown and has four holes through it which appear to be where 4 of the main strings would be threaded when the racquet is strung. Consequently this dampener would only be able to be installed when the racquet is being strung and would not be able to be removed without removing the strings.

    Is this thing actually a dampener or something else? I searched for Head dampener on google, amazon, and TW and couldn't find anything for sale which looked remotely close to this so I'm not really sure that what I found actually is a dampener.
  2. innoVAShaun

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    Nov 3, 2005
    Most low-end recreational tennis racquets come with those kinds of dampeners. I remember seeing those kinds of dampeners on Head's Liquidmetal, Air Flow, and Cross Bow lines as well.
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    Those ones you're talking about is the No Shox dampener. It's basically just a dampener built into the grommet that touches the lower area of the stringbed.

    You are correct that these do come with cheap Walmart and Target racquets. Like the Head Tour Pro (google that since I'm too lazy to copy/paste the link for you guys).
    Anyways, this racquet comes with an orange dampener that cannot be removed. It is placed like a traditional dampener and can move up and down. But there are only holes where it touches the strings, and doesn't allow removal.

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