Head Extreme comp's and questions, different versions, opinions please

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by gbphillips, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Hey All, been lurking a while, but first post here...

    I am a 42 year old, 4.0-ish (good days and not-so good, but average out to 4.0 level) player, favor topspin strokes from the baseline but not afraid to come to the net. Like many my age, I played competitively back in high school and a little in college, then took many years off and got back into it just a few years ago and have been slowly getting more competitve again. Play mostly club doubles and starting to get into singles again also.

    So far, I have been using the racket I purchased several years ago at a pro's recommendation when I re-entered the sport and took a few lessons: the Head liquidmetal 4. Overall, I still like it, but if you read about Heads suggested stroke style, I don't really match that racket since I use full, topsin strokes, esp forehand side. I know, that doesn't necessarily matter if I like the racket, but it got me looking recently... So, I started getting some advice and have demo'd a few rackets.

    Briefly the Babolat Aero pro drive GT and Aero storm GT, liked the storm a little better but neither as much as the Head Extreme. Then, compared the Extreme to the Radicals, liked the extreme better, I think mostly due to the head shape being "rounder" - so feel like I have narrowed it down some already. The Extreme I've demo'd is the Youtek extreme pro version, and there are deals to be had on the previous Microgel version, but none to be demo'd -- so part of my question is, if I like the youtek pro, will I like the microgel for a nice discount? specs are similar, but the microgel is also .25" longer, same as my liquidmetal 4, which may be trivial anyway. Unless someone can tell me for sure the IG version is really worth a premium, I'll stay with either the Microgel or youtek pro to keep the price down a bit...

    I'm hoping someone that has used the different versions of this Head racket can help out and advise... either on these models specifically or similar demos to try? The "what plays similar" doesn't seem to display the Extreme as a choice... Thanks all!!

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