Head Extreme MP 2.0 denser string pattern than Pro???

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by jason586, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Dec 7, 2011
    I read that the 16x19 stringing pattern was more dense on the post-youtek MP versions than the Pro which gave the MPs a little more control (below in quotes).

    Has anyone looked closely to see if this was true especially in the 2.0 versions??

    "One thing that should be noted about the Extreme sticks is that the current YouTek Extreme Pro version has a different, more open stringing pattern of the 19 CROSS strings compared to the MP version. Head did that change when they introduced the YouTek models. I realized that change when I switched from the older model (the Microgel Pro) to the Youtek Extreme Pro a couple of years ago. I noticed that the YouTeK Extreme Pro played differently and I had considerable loss of control and more frequent string breaks. After several trials, I realized that Head changed the stringing pattern of the crosses to be more open which makes the string-bed less dense in the middle. Head only did that change to the Pro version, not the MP version. I did not like the more open stringing pattern of the Pro and I switched back to my old Microgel sticks..."

    I hit with a friend's 2.0 MP the other day, and it was indeed a great hit. I was considering the Pro vs MP for purchase, but after reading this post/review - I changed my mind back to the MP.
    Currently, I'm thinking to get the MP and making it a bit more heavy, headlight, and add a bit more feedback/feel to the racquet with less vibration reduction by adding a leather grip to the MP.

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