Head Extreme Pro: Graphene or Youtek IG 2.0?


I broke my beloved Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0, so am looking for a new one. Or should I just get a new Extreme PRO Graphene?

Is there much of a difference?



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Curious myself as I thought the IG was a great frame. I wondered if the Graphene update was more or less the same. It was the most comfortable "stiff" frame I've used.

Of course, the IG is cheaper and still available, so I think I'd go that route.


Not much difference... I preferred the new G version.. Regardless be sure that you get one with similar specs to the one that you broke. SW and balance being the most important...


I have a 2.0 strung with Volkl Psycho at 54.
I demo'ed the Grapgine with Cyclone at 55.

They were close to identical played back to back, with the differences most likely due to the strings. The lack of precision due to the power / plushish feel combination remains.
The only noticeable difference was that the Graphine was noticeably quicker and more maneuverable. If you really like the 2.0 but would like a bit more quickness the Graphine would be a fine solution IMO.


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I had both IG and the Graphene version. Because I really liked the Extreme Pro 2.0 so much and had real high expectation for the Graphene version..., it was a total let down when I hit with the Graphene Extreme Pro. I guess I prefer the plush feeling rackets over the hollow rackets that make pingy sounds. The GEP felt much less of a racket than the IGEP 2.0, in my experience. I guess I just don't like the feel of Graphene. Whatever that is... and however that is placed....

Still have the IGEP 2.0...
I tried the Graphene version but it felt dead and had less power on serve than the IG Pro 2.0. I also play tested the Yonex EZ Ai98, which is similar to the IG Pro 2.0, and the Graphene Radical Pro. All three made me appreciate the Pro 2.0 that much more - a terrific combination of power and spin.