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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by sam.gold, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. sam.gold

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    Mar 26, 2006

    i've done a search on this racquet and read all threads but still there are some questions i would like to have answered. unfortunatelly there is no possiblity to demo head sticks in my country so i hoped to get some info this way and get a cheper used stick for an extended demo before i buy more of them. from what i read i understand that this racquet plays stiffer than 58 RA, the sweetspot is rather smaller and some people were coplaining it swings heavy. can somebody tell me if it swings true to 324 SW? also what is the power level, what stick could you compare it to in terms of power?
    i am also open to other recommendations, i can demo other brands. i am a baseliner, i was tested itn 3 in fall (new system in europe 1 is the best out of 1-10 scale), play on clay with heavy topspin, kick serves mostly but pop on the flat one is also important. i am coming from fischer pro number one 330g (sponsorship) but i was struggling because of the lack of power. last month i was offered a sponsorship from prince and from their range i am still experimenting with o3 white weighted to 320g but it is perhaps too poweful (i thing a could eventually get used to) and i wish i had a bit more feel on touch shots with it.
    any info on the head flexpoint radical mp tour is more than welcome. thanks.
  2. I think it plays like a flexy 58, big sweetspot, and it swings like 324 sw. It is not a power racquet, but you can generate good pace with it. I found the O3 Tour to be much stiffer and much more powerful. The FXP tour feels like a classic racquet to me updated with a larger headsize. With synth. gut it can be powerful, but with poly or hybrid it can be very controlled too.
    My SW forehand gets ridiculous spin and my serve is very accurate and deadly with this racquet. I am thinking of switching to Prestige mid because my backhand is better with the mid. the FXP Tour is a very nice stick that is better for higher level players who need a flexible stick for control but still want big sweetspot.
  3. jonolau

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    Nov 26, 2005
    My regular sticks are the Volkl Tour 10 V Engine Mid and C10 Pro. I bought a new FXP Tour out of curiousity last year and strung with the same strings and tension as my Volkls. In terms of power, I found that it required more effort to get the ball over the net especially with flat shots. Same power issue with topspin rallies, but it had great placement control.

    Initially I thought that the problem lay with the string and tension, so I changed from aramids to poly, and at a slightly lower tension. It helped a bit, but still could not get the same results as my Volkls.

    I eventually sold it off after 2 months as I personally couldn't get used to it.
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  4. brian.sat

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    Mar 23, 2004
    Greatest power among player's racquet. Largest sweetspot. Excellent spin. Perfect for baseliner. I was expecting for the FXP prestige before, but, it comes out with a 65RA so I stayed with my HM200G.
  5. calabi12

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Does not swing heavy at all. Probably the most maneuverable 12oz player’s racquet out there (except the O3 tour midsize). Very comfortable stick. It plays like the 58 flex rating, far from stiff.

    I could generate lots of power since it was easy to generate excellent racquet head speed. My partner confirmed the balls were heavy. Very open string pattern generates incredible spin.

    I was also surprised at how easily I could charge the net with this stick. Best 12 oz racquet I have played with.

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