Head FXP Heat: Pros/Cons?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by BjornBorg, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. BjornBorg

    BjornBorg Banned

    Jul 14, 2005
    I've been using the FXP Team Instinct, which I like a lot. Looking at the Heat
    FXP specs, this stick would provide just a bit more weight with a slightly smaller racket head (105 to 102). It also has the torsion bar with a slightly thinner beam.

    I'd like to hear some thoughts about this racket, positives and negatives.

    I am a mid 40's player about at a 5.0 level. I hit big semi-western topspin groundies.

    How is this stick for power, control, touch, spin, etc.? How is it for the elbow?
  2. justsomeecho

    justsomeecho Banned

    May 23, 2008
    the heat is good
    i think the microgel mojo is its newest "version" or whatever
    you should try that one out, its really good, great for ground strokes
    power: should have your own
    control: great, it has dsp
    spin: not too good, but i found it worked
    flexibility: mid flex
    no pain in the elbow
  3. Connors

    Connors Banned

    Nov 29, 2006
    Thanks. Isnt' there anyone else that's used this stick and can comment?

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