head graphene extreme pro


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hi guys .i have planned to get a racquet and i had chosen pure drive gt but since babolat is more expensive than other brand ,i also turned to head racquets.so
what do you think about how is graphene extreme pro??
is graphene extreme pro better than ig extreme pro 2?i read graphene is just commercial and not the real deal

thanks for your help


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better? Depends on you. Whether you like or dislike a racquet is not universal, but based solely on personal preference. Both the Graphene Extreme Pro and the IG Extreme Pro 2.0 will be more comfortable than the Pure Drive though IME.

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I have both the Graphene and IG Extreme Pros, but I've played much more with the IG EP2. I think the IG EP2 feels more consistent, solid and comfortable. I need to spend more time with the Graphene EP, but as of right now, I prefer the IG EP2.