Head Graphene Prestige Midplus vs. Wilson Pro Staff 97 ?

Head Graphene Prestige MP . . . . . . Wilson Pro Staff 97

. . . . . . . . . .

Was wonderng if anyone had played with both of these two and could offer an apples-to-apples assessment of these two frames.

(the Wilson Pro Staff 97 referred to here is not the heavier "RF Autograph" version).

Thanks for any feedback.


About a year ago I got a chance to test the PS97 a few weeks ahead of the actual launch and decided to switch from the Blade 98 16*19 I was using at the time. Availability was delayed and happened to give the GPMP a try while waiting for the PS97 to arrive. To cut a long story short, I ended up with both of them. I got them with the same SW (327) and added leather grips to both for a totalt weight around 342g with overripe and damper. I played both of them for about 2 months before finally deciding that I liked the GPMP more. I could use PS97 as well but I think the Prestige is a little faster to swing which results in roughly the same spin potential between the racquets but the Prestige with it's 18*20 string pattern gives better control. It is a little softer playing with the right strings and I like ovally shaped grip a little more. The PS97 felt a little cheaper to me, in particular the top of the handle, but it's also a good racquet.


I played with the graphene prestige pro (not the mp) and the PS97 in my search for new rackets. For info traditionally ive played with classic, heavier rackets. Both rackets were quite impressive and the main difference i noted/stood out was the stiffness, the GPP is a lot more flexible and you can really feel it. The PS97 actually felt quite stiff, a lot stiffer then the flex rating. The RF had a lot more power. Both were very mauoverable, with the GPP probably being slightly more so. If you prefer power, then the RF97, and if you like the classic type control type, the GPP. The GPP was really comfortable on the arm and played better (more power/deeper shots) with softer polys and lower tensions. This racket to me was designed for gut hubrids, even full natural guts. The PS97, i found, needed some control, and i was enjoying stiffer polys (4G). The prestige is such a great serve and volley type racket, where the PS97 is a great allrounder.