Head graphene touch speed mp versus Head Graphene Touch radical mp


I demoed both racquets and like them both. Attempting to understand the differences between these raquets. Seems like the Head Graphene Touch Speed MP has more power and better baseline drive than the Head Graphene Touch radical mp plays better at the nets and serves. Really like both racquets and it's difficult to choose which one I want to be my primary racquet. Does anyone have any insights on each racquet?

Big Bagel

Based on what you felt, if you like to stay at the baseline and hit big shots, go with the Speed. If your serve is a weapon and you like to look for opportunities to come to net, or play a lot of doubles, I'd go with the Radical.


Agree with @Big Bagel
ime also, radical has a bit more tighter string pattern CONTROL
the speed has a more OPEN pattern, which aids in more spin and power
Both rakets are good, I like both updates..