Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV vs Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore


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What would you suggest me between Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV and Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore.


Tecnifibre (grip 1 - 3) would be bought new for 89 $, Head (grip 2) used, but well preserved, for 30 - 35 $.

My game is aggressive spin pretty much from the baseline, but trying to come to the net more and more often. Only concerned Head won't be enough stable bc of thinner beam. Head is softer, but otherwise rackets are pretty similar.

What do you think?

No, can't demo.


the speed rev was my least favorite of that series. unstable racquet and youll get tired of swatting with it to generate pace. the speed MP is what that racquet was meant to be. even the speed S is better.