Head Gravity Pro - Best String Set-Ups

Kal-El 34

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Interested in what people are using this frame. They came with Hawk Touch 17, which I did not feel was great

I am currently testing Lynx Edge 17g which feels a ton better

Going to try RPM Blast Rough as well

This racket begs for a stiffer / spin oriented string in my opinion in the mid to upper 40lb range


thats interesting, hawk touch is a stiffer string than lynx. ive always liked hawk touch but cant warm up to lynx ... admittely i havent tried lynx edge, only a bunch of sonic pro edge.


I enjoy ALU Power 125 and tour bite 17 in this frame. 54 pounds for me, but that’s coming down from my previous frames—weighted up radicals at 56. The flexy frame pairs well with the stiffer, crisper polys IMO. Some Kirschbaum testers and hyper g up next for me to test some slightly softer polys in it.

For reference, I found Hawk touch to feel very brassy with lots of feedback when strung at 52 in the club demo. I feel that way with Hawk touch in most frames, though.


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this racquet needs a small gauge string (17, 18), and lower tensions (when using FB poly),,
it is a 18/20 thin frame racquet after all!
17g lynx works very well 4me
I like 17g h.sonic.pro also (soft poly)
I have mine strung up with:
mains- 17g MSV.focus.hexsoft 49lbs (soft 5sided poly)
crosses-18lg pros.pro.blackforce 46lbs (crisp round poly)