Head Gravity

Tried this string out of the blue. Stuff is great. I've never used a Head string before. Its a hybrid of two different polys. I found it medium power very good spin and an unusual solid feel that most polys don't have. Most polys have a bit of wire or plastic like feel. This stuff is really solid. Strung 47lb in the Wilson 6.1 95. Anyone else have thoughts on this string?
I enjoyed my time with it when I reviewed it, but Head needs to offer it in a thicker gauge combo. I broke both my sample sets in under an hour each.


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A racquet at the club where I work is strung with Gravity (at least according to the label on the inside throat) but the crosses appear to be shearing like some kind of synthetic. Is the cross string actually Head Hawk?
Yes...very decent String. Hit with it in a Pro Staff 97 at around 50lbs. Stiff..low powered..ish...plenty spin. I'm a fan of STB and and thought head gravity was 'similar'.