Head i.Radical MP to...?


I've been playing on a set of iRadical MP frames for a while now, mostly strung with PSG 16 gauge at 54 lbs. I'm a low-4.0 player and considering how hard it is to get these rackets these days, I'm considering switching to something else. I'd also like to be able to get a little more spin from the frame.

The Radical line is what I'm familiar with, so given the above, should I just go for the latest Radical MP, or is there something else to consider?

I know my string choice isn't all that amazing and likely doesn't provide a lot of spin, but it's cheap, available, and doesn't give me tennis elbow (as I've had in the past with other strings).

Any advice appreciated!


Have you tried LM radical midplus with some lead?
For me they are just awesome.
Outside of that, Wilson ultra tour v 2.0 could be quite a good match... Pricey though..


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Gravity MP is a good call, similar specs but with 16x20 and a bit bigger headsize.

The current Radical MP is nice too, plays a bit stiffer than the older radicals but with your string choice it should be no problem.


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-Speed MP or Pro have a nice feel, but would play more powerful, good control from the Pro
-Blade 16x19 (if you aren't opposed to a change in string pattern) don't think the 18x20 would be different enough
-Dunlop CX200, great option
-Artengo TR960 Control Tour (16x19 or 18x20). I've only used the 16M, decent control and great spin.


Thanks all, I appreciate the replies.

Not having paid too much attention to rackets lately, I didn't realize that the newer Radicals are stiffer than the older ones.

The Gravity MP is intriguing - how does the Radical compare to the Gravity generally?


In Head’s lineup, probably the Prestige MP would be the closest (specs, feel, beam, string pattern, etc). Even though they are good frames, newer Radicals are entirely different beasts (still all court racquet, though). If you want to try something somewhat reminiscent, but more forgiving, maybe the Gravity Tour if it’s available for you.
If you’re open to other brands, maybe the Blade 98 18x20 or the Tecnifibre TF40.


Thanks guys. Prestige is interesting, as is the Gravity line. I'll take a look at both.

I've always played with Head (no particular reason), so I'll try there before venturing to other brands.