Head IG Extreme Pro? Babolats?


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Hi all.

Have you played with these rackets?
Head IG Extreme Pro
Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT
Aero pro drive gt?

Do you think Head has better control and feel than babolats?
Is spin potential of Head comparable with Roddick GT?

Can you describe your impressions from those rackets.


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In all honesty.. they are so similar just get a couple of the one you like the most (for whatever reason) and use them.. you will come tuned into it in no time
I have demoed the Head IG and the aero pro. I personally dont like the feel of babolat sticks since its so muted. but the playability was great. i always knew where the ball was going to land an since its a lower powered stick i thought i put away volleys at will. The extreme was pretty much the same. I really liked the feel of extreme. The one thing i didnt like was the weight but thats a quick fix with some lead tape