Head IG Prestige S vs Pure Aero/Head Extreme series


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I am currently using Head IG Prestige S.
But want to switch to a more spin and power oriented frame, for instance:
1. Babolat Pure Aero
2. Head Graphene XT Extreme Pro/MP
3. Head Graphene Extreme Pro/MP

I am hoping for insightful opinions or short reviews that compare these rackets.



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The Pure Aero is going to be difficult to beat in power/spin as its a complete monster in this department, so if thats simply all you want then this racquet is the answer. Although, if you are looking for something with more control then the XT extreme pro will offer it with just slightly less power/spin than the PA. The MP version is very stiff but if a more manueverable racquet is a priorty then take this over the Pro. I wouldn't recommend the non XT extremes because the XT is an upgrade in almost every aspect.