Head Lynx: any difference between yellow and green versions?

Dan D


I play now with Head Lynx yellow 17G (1.25 mm) and a big quality of this is that keep tension very, very well. I like the string very much but it's hard for me to find thicker Lynx yellow.

I want to try 16G (1.30 mm) and I found the green one. I hear that the black and red versions loose tension very fast, therefor I want to know what you guys know about the green version?

Thanks in advance!
I’ve used the green one but not the yellow so I can’t compare. However, I really like the green one I use and haven’t noticed a particular problem with tension maintenance compared to other softish poly strings I’ve used such as cream and Yonex PTP. I’d say give it a try and see what you think. I’d be interested in your feedback.

Dan D

Thanks for answer! Interesting. I may test it.

Nobody else who have any experience of 16G green version?


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I tried a few color tests
imo and in general,
I find that the red color strings tend to be the softest of the color spectrum, at times the white strings as well,
the darker color strings tend to be the crisper ones (grays, blues, blacks),
the yellows and the greens I find to be very close in feel and tension degradation
anyway, good luck with your test, give us your feedback..