Head Lynx Edge

Has anyone played the new Lynx Edge string? Any comments would be appreciated - there doesn't seem to be any real reviews re the string available. I'm wondering whether it plays similar to the original lynx string but with more bite due to it not being a smooth poly?


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The latest head.lynx ive come across, comes in lime color
the packaging was a black. Demo bag, and the string seemed round,, to me,
what color was the string your referring to?


I have. I didn't like it. I like the original Lynx but the edge one is very dead and plastic like. reminded me of Lux Savage. Played about 2 hours with it and cut it out.
This is my go to string now, it's actually been out for a while. I find it very predictable with good power and little to no discomfort.

I loved Lynx original too. I'd say it's similar, good snapback and tension maintenance for a soft poly both of them.
Have anymore people tried this string? I have heard it is a very comfortable poly with lots of spin. My stringer is trying to get me to try it and he says it is softer than my poly of choice, the Diadem Solstice Power. I have been using Solstice power for over a year now and I quite like it for its crazy amounts of spin and comfort. Hoping to get more input to see if it is worth a try.


Also interested in this one, Lynx is a great all-rounder eh, only department its lacking is perhaps power, how does Edge go in this department?
I felt both Lynx and Lynx Edge were fairly powerful, that is at 51/48 in a pure drive though. Both the stiff racquet and the low tension would contribute to this.
I’ve recently started using the lynx edge in my Wilson ultra tour strung at 48 pounds. For me it has a great combination of power, control, and spin and I will be switching to this string. A full bed is soft enough for me where my tennis elbow, which I’m recovering from, isn’t getting worse (and I play about 8-10 hours a week). I’ve never played with the original lynx, so I can’t compare it to that, but for me it has have more spin than the Kirschbaum pro evolution and solinco revoluton strings. It has just about as much spin as solinco tour bite but much softer.
From your experience, what do you think about its loss of tension?
Do you cut your strings when you feel anything wrong or like after 12 hours of use for example?
I've used the new lynx edge and it is very good string. It reminds me of what Luxilon ALU would be like if it had edges. You can tell it's a high quality string. Good snapback, comfort, power, and spin. Had it strung in a 2018 Pure Drive Plus and 2018 Volkl V-Feel 4. 50/52 lbs. Ignore the negative comments. It's going to feel different depending on what racquet you use and string tension. There are so many variables which is why you need to try it out for yourself. The racquets I used and string tension worked well for me.