HEAD Magnum and Apex Plus

Rivers Scott

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Hello got a couple of old HEAD graphite rackets that I don't have any info on and thought some of you might be interested in as I cannot find anything on them (maybe down to my poor use of the search function)

HEAD Magnum: midsize looks similar to the Special 35 but slight paint differences.

HEAD Apex Plus: reminds me of a Graphite Pro.

I can post pictures if anyone is interested, is there a place on the board that shows you how?
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The Magnum is from the same mold as the Graphite and Composite Edge, and was current around 1984. Made in Austria.

The Apex Plus was also made in Austria, circa 1989, from a second-tier "Pro" mold used for other frames such as the Leconte Evolution 3, Specter Pro, etc.

Both frames were Euro market only, IIRC.


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I love the Magnum. I always thought it was a great looking racket and I actually got to use a friends one in the 80's.

Those were the days when a hefty racket wasnt really something that I cared about (they were all hefty).


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I owned a head magnum with a different paint job - it was the updated version of the OP's frame. That would have come out in about 1985/6.