Head Microgel Mojo weight and balance specs on TW website


Hello again. In the spec section, the Mojo is listed as an even balance racket. However, in the product description, it says that the Mojo is a head light racket? Which is it?

Also, is the Mojo really only 10.4 ounces strung? On the Head website, the Mojo is listed at 10.1 ounces unstrung. By comparison, Head lists the Monster as 9.9 ounces unstrung and TW lists the Monster as 10.4 ounces strung. I would have guessed the Mojo to be 10.6 or 10.7 ounces strung. Are the Mojos coming out underweight?



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Who knows with Head. I have 3 MG Extreme Pros and all three are different by a few tenths of an ounce in weight. No two are even close to being alike.

TW Staff

Please remember that TW's specs are an average taken from several racquets that we measure. Many times it will be different from manufacturer's specs.

Spencer, TW.