Head Microgel Prestige mids

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    4 Head Microgel mids, two in 4 3/8 grips, two in 4 1/2 grips. $95 shipped/each, US. The 4 1/2 have great Babolat Skinfeel replacement grips, making them feel exactly like a 4 3/8 to me. Various strings: one with 17 gauge full bed poly, two with poly/multi hybrid, one with red code/multi. All strung in low 50's. Only the red code is slightly olde/played. I only want to sell two of them and keep the other two for awhile. (I prefer to sell the 4 1/2s.) Your choice which grip you want. Easily 8.5, rated conservatively. I like the Microgels actually better than any of the Prestiges since the classic, even the newest. Great control, feel and plush dwell-time pop. Just need to clean out bag and snag some cash for other things, and probably eventually move to slightly lighter control stick for my aging arm.
    Grommets all in excellent shape.
    Shoot me your contact info and I'll get back to you.
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    Three are gone/sold, I'm keeping one.
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    FS: 3x Head Prestige Microgel mids

    Buyer (a good friend here) decided to go with MPs, so I still have 3 Head Prestige Microgel mids for sale. Excellent condition (8.5) with tiny court rash on top of two of them and one with almost none. Frames have no discernible chips and are in top shape. As previous post indicates, 2 x 4 1/2 grips with Babolat skinfeel replacement grips that feel just like a 3/8 and super comfortable compared to original grips. 1 x 4 3/8 with clean new overgrip and a new replacement grip underneath it. Strings are all barely played for only few hours. Will sell $75 shipped for 1; $130 for 2; $180 for all 3. Con/US only.

    Excellent references here. Shoot me your contact info and I'll get back ASAP.
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    Microgel Prestige mids

    email sent.

    will also entertain trades for Head IG YT Radical Pro 4 3/8.

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