Head Microgel Radical vs Donnay X-P Dual

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    May 9, 2009
    I absolute love my Microgel Radical MP, I have some shoulder problems and this is the first Racquet I can play without any problems.

    However I am always looking for new adventures.

    I would like my Radicals to have a little more power and be more spin friendly.

    Before I came from playing with POG OS for many years, but it seems to be too demanding for my shoulder and too heavy for more than an hour of intense play. However I love the spin I got from this racquet.

    I know now that I need:

    Low flex for my shoulder - best below 60
    Weight (with overgrip & damper) around 318-320 g
    I use Gamma Professional 18 or Full Gut (Klip)

    Unfortunately I live in a Country where I cant demo, so I have to buy from TW and then later sell with a loss. But that is ok.

    I have tried these racquets (still have them):

    Redondo - amazing racquet, but too heavy for me.
    Prince EOX Tour 100 16x18 - somehow we dont match, and a bit too heavy.
    Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite 99 - Tried several weight combo, and leather grip - but too stiff, low power - beautiful racquet but we dont get along.
    Head YT Radical MP - good, but I prefer the Microgel version.

    Somehow I think I am done, and want to stick with my microgel, BUT then I discover:

    Donnay X-P Dual:

    Strung weight 10.9 / 309g (almost like the Microgel)
    4 PT Headlight (good)
    Stiffness 61 (Donnay claims 59)
    Power Level: Medium (What I am looking for)
    16x19 (more spin friendly)

    Donnay X-P Dual Lite

    Strung weight 10.4 / 295g (Leather grip and 5g/10g cap will get it to Microgel spec))
    4 HH Headlight (The leather grip and 5g/10g will change this to ? )
    Stiffness 57 (Donnay claims 59)
    Power Level: Medium (What I am looking for)
    16x19 (more spin friendly)

    So my TT friends, have any of you compared the Donnay X-P Dual or X-P Dual lite to the Microgel Radical.

    I am worried about the 61 stiffness of the X-P Dual, but GGT put it at Gold Stanndard for arm friendlyness:


    I need some advice and other racquets suggestions are welcome



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