Head PC600/Graphite Edge & Lead Tape



I recently bought a Head PC600 as a replacement/addition to my Head Graphite Edge. I didn't demo it but read tons of stuff on this site about the PC600 and felt comfortable buying thanks to all you regulars out there, Thanks! It is similiar to the Edge, more so than any of the dozen racquets I've demoed, but it's a little head light for me. I expected this and do want it to be a little less heavy than the Edge but not as much as it is. I'm going to apply some lead tape to the head and figured I'd post something to see if anyone has any suggestions on where I should apply the tape. I've always used the Edge stock and never customized a racquet before. I figure I'll have to play around a little but would like some suggestions to get me started. Also, does anyone know the specs of the Edge. I have both the flat and rough coated versions from the eighties and would love to compare them to modern racquets for ***** and giggles. Thanks for your help in advance!