Head Prestige Classic 600 and Head Agassi Radical LE


I have two racquets I'd like to sell as I'll be moving and just don't have space to take these on the flight.

1) Head Agassi Radical LE - Got it from TW when it was first released. Number 0662. Grip size looks to 3/8. I forgot, i'll see if I can dig up the old email. $50 shipped. Strung with Gosen Micro OG. 8/10.

2) Head Prestige Classic 600 - Says Prestige Classic 600 on the side, Designed in Austria. Isn't strung and I took out the grommets to restring but instead got MG Prestige and haven't played with it since. You can get a grommet at TW for 9-10 bucks. 4 3/8. $100 shipped. If you buy both, I can knock off $10-20.

Shipping from 97206. Will only ship in the US and maybe Canada.