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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by RafaN RichardG, Jun 30, 2005.

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    May 29, 2005
    will the real prestige classic please stand up?!

    im soo confused. i was looking in TW's "racquet finder" and i unticked the selection "current models" so it'd give me results including discontinued racquets, so i could compare them w/ some others. i stumble across three different "prestige classic" models, all with different stats. i used to think that there was just one prestice classic 600, and that it was the same as the prestige tour, and the classic tour mid etc.. but there seem to have been three different versions released, all with the same red cosmetics, so now im really confused. which is the one that everyone refers to as their "prestige classic"
    theres the link, if you scroll down, youll see what i mean
    the stats for the "head classic tour midsize"
    93 sq in
    27 in long
    12.1 oz
    6 pts headlight
    SW 320
    stiffness 59
    19mm beam
    and 18x20

    the stats for the head prestige tour are
    93 sq in
    27 in long
    12.1 oz
    11 pts head light
    SW 311
    stiffness 58

    and the stats for the head prestige classic midsize are
    93 sq in
    27 in long
    12.1 oz
    7 pts head light
    SW 333
    stiffness 60
    19 mm beam
    and 18x20

    i found this veeerrry strange

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