Head Pro Tour 2.0 vs Head IG Radical Pro


Hi Fellow tennis players,

I bought 2 Head PT 2.0 racquets and 2 used Head IG Radical Pro racquets and I'm wondering which ones to keep as my racquets. I just started playing again after 6 year break.

I am aware nobody can make this decision but myself after some time of practice/play but I feel I can get some advice from you guys:

Right of the bat PT 2.0 has a better feel, it feels very connected and reminds me more of my old racquets (Head Prestige line).

On the other hand Head IG Radical Pro has a more open pattern (which I can feel) and is more forgiving during a match, specially since I'm currently lacking footwork.

If I could make a hybrid of these 2 frames it would be the best of both worlds. (PT 2.0 with open pattern and a true 98 sq.in)

My specific question is: tweeking the IG Radical Pro with some calfskin grip and some weight at 3 and 9 (getting it to 338 g strung) vs the 350 g strung of the PT 2.0 would you consider it a similar racquet or completely different?

I really want to keep both but at the same time I have to decide and I don't want a one year testing phase with them since It can hinder my tennis game.

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I play with the IG and had some 2.0s. They are both great. For me, the IG is easier to use but not as great a frame. The 2.0 is incredibly solid and has wonderful feel and plow through. I would be using it but I'm 57 now and prefer the launch angle and softer feel of the IG Radical Pro.

Please keep me in mind if you decide to sell your IGs.


Harry Z
Portland, OR


Hi Harry,

I completely agree with your feedback. I actually kept the PT 2.0 since I really need that solid feel and therefore will be selling my IG's.


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