Head Radical Trisys MP


Just got hold of this frame.
This is my 1st Head and 18x20 racket.

Initially i was very surprised by how dense the string pattern was.
The 98 head size is deceptive and is no bigger to the 95 rackets that i am used to.

My question to radical users is what are the best strings to used to get good top spin and max feel. My guess would be some 17 soft multi.



I would put a 17 guage multi in the mains, and a polyester in the cross. String the cross 2 lbs looser than the mains (be sure you have enough poly for the cross, sometimes 20 feet is barely enough, depending on how much your poly stretches).


The Original Radical that you have there is closer in playability to the Pro Tour 630 than any of today's Radicals. The Original Radical came from the same mold as the Pro Tour 630 just with a different layup. In 1999 HEAD changed the Radical's mold with the Ti.Radical. Making the Ti., i., LM, and Flexpoint Radical MP 1mm wider, a slightly rounder beam shape, and different grommet channel.

I think a nice soft Multi like NRG2, X-One Biphase, or one of the NXT's will play very nice at about mid tension in the Original Radical Trisys 260 MP/Radical Tour 630.
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That is one awesome frame. My favorite of all the radical's. Although it is not my everyday frame, I do hit with it quite often. I am currently stringing it with lux mains and gosen crosses.

Good luck, and enjoy!


Have both Trisys and twin tube mid. Twin tube is by far my favorite raquet ever. I know unfortunately use a ti.radical os. Twin tube and trisys will never see the light of day due to the fact I only have 1 of each had to move on.


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sweet stick!

agree very sim to pro tour 630(I too like the tt radical a bit better)

agree nrg2 or nxt tour 17 or even 16 should play nice...

I just put pro hurricane 17 in my i prestige mid + frames and like it very much....big change for me from bde rally gut or klip legend...liking it....

enjoy the frame...now the trick is can you hunt down another?


another tidbit...I am a previous huge string breaker partic on prince pog mids and prince graph 640's...since switching to head in 97 I can't remember breaking a string in competetive play....

in other words if you like the frame and can find a 2nd one you might be good to go for years..

IMHO and YMMV always of course.....


How does this MP version and older model compares to the recently released Agassi Radical LE OS?