Head RIP Control + Graphene XT Speed Pro


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Hi everyone,

Need some string advice from the experts.

I currently use a Graphene XT Speed Pro with Head RIP Control at 53lbs.

I am a 3.5 baseliner who hits fairly flat shots.

I am looking to achieve more power and a larger sweet spot (more forgiving).

1) Would lowering the tension to 48lbs help? Is 48lbs too low?

2) Should I try a different string? Suggestions? (I've had no arm issues with my current setup, but I found that a Pure Drive with Head RIP Control at 53lbs was very harsh on my arm/wrist so am wary of strings that may make the Speed Pro more harsh on the arm)



I'd reccomend lowering the tension first in increments of 3. Give 50 lbs a try first then worry about string change


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I think experimenting with different tensions is always a smart move, however, Rip Control is an inherently low powered multi, hence lowering the tension will yield minimal gains in terms of power. That said, if you're playing with 16g you might consider giving 17g a go. The 17g is livelier, more responsive than the 16 and may be just enough of a performance difference to meet your needs.