Head Speed MPA


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An acquaintance left his Head Speed MPA on my back deck last night. He indicates he hits exclusively with his son and asked if I could help him.

I am wondering if prior to removing the old strings application of a new product containing 80% ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerine would negatively impact the performance of the racquet. I have the proper tool to cut out the strings and will use the appropriate procedures to remove the string and install the new as requested.

The racquet is strung with Prince Premier Control 16G in the mains at 53 and Weiss Cannon Silver String 17G at 48 in the crosses.



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The distilleries in our town have shut down and all converted to making this stuff. I may dab some on our test racquet before using it. I am worried it might melt the grommets/bumper guard, etc.


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-ive been using clorox wipes to wipe the racquets down
-plastic does not melt that easily
Today I mixed up 1 tbsp bleach, and 1 tbsp dawn to 1 qt of water. For one racket I used a blue shop paper towel and it tears like the clorox wipes do. On another racket I used a terry cloth washcloth and it did much better. If you spray the stringing label generously you can wipe it right off and clean the glue residue at the same time.