Head speed xt mp and touch mp grip size


Hi all,
I have a quick question about the grip size of the newer speed line. I believe I read somewhere it runs a bigger that the real size. I'm interested in this racquets so I would like to have your feedback about what you think about it.
Could you also tell me which one has more power and which one has more control?
Thank you guys!!!
i found there to be more variance in individual racquets than in the two (or three or four) lines. QC perhaps. i also note that my older racquets have smaller grips bc the original hydrasorb/whatever grip that head uses flattens over time.

the 360 speeds have more power and stability than the previous 3 generations of graphenes. however, the 4 lines are all more alike than different.


Thanks [U]n8dawg6[/U] ! I agree with you that the grip the older it gets the thinner it gets.

However of this two racquets in particular, the speed xt mp and the speed touch mp does anyone thinks it runs larger?

[U]n8dawg6[/U], I read some threads about the 360 speed and they all agree that the best speed yet, but I don't really want to spend that much money on a racquet.