Head ti classic: tin can?

This classic means 'Prestige like'. If you get an old one, they will play like an i.Prestige. They are not tinny in any aspect. This frame is low powered and is what you would expect of a Prestige.
Man .. i for whatever reason hated this stick . Waaaay to powerful and everything went long except slices. Volleys well . But if you ever struggle like me with some rackets that give you extra depth thru the court , then buyer beware . I wanted to love this racket as at the time I was working at John Newcombe tennis ranch and my fellow pro / roommate was basically giving these away as we HAD to play with only prince rackets that they provided and wear our prince uniforms . When he first got there he had like 8 of these head sticks and played lights out with them .but he couldn’t coach or play with them due to the contract .
I too was was in a similar boat as I was using the Estusa powr beam/ puma super like frames that I loved. But had to put them down for prince .it was 1999/2000 .... anyway ..
My roommate chose the prince response .. I think it was the “
More response “? And I chose the prince graphite 90’s. Which surprised me they were still offering a racket so old and I thought had long since been discontinued. But yeah I got 3 of them . And got tennis elbow that year . Have no idea if it was the racket or the kirschbaum spiky strung at 68 lbs ?
I love my Ti.Classic. I have a little electrical tape on the pallet, just to round out the grip a bit, and a leather grip. Strung up, I think it weighs somewhere around 12.3-12.5 oz. Fairly headlight. Never have found it lacking in power, likely due to the weight and using multi strings. I do recall not really liking it when it first came out, though. Compared to any of the recent Prestige offerings, it a feels like a plush, classic racquet. Plus, I love the pj... silver , black, and red.
Haven’t played with the IG a whole lot, but I would say no. Not tinny, per se, but a bit firmer than the IG. I felt that IG was less powerful than the Ti.Classic. Felt like it swung lighter, too. More plush, maybe, but didn’t feel as solid as my Ti.Classic.