Head Trisys 300 midplus/Prestige tour 660

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by tandayu, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Sep 2, 2004
    Here are some old version frames made in the mid 90s:

    - Head Trisys 300 midplus (later was called Prestige Tour MP 660) with suspension grip. Made in Austria. THe head barcodelabel sticker on side beam
    Grip 4 1/4 (but feels larger due to the more rounded shape).
    Strung with NXT tour 16
    Only used for one day
    One scratch on paint from hitting half volley...maybe more (I do not remember) but nothing eat the graphite or the frame surface
    $120 plus shipping

    - Head trysis 300 mid (later was called prestige tour 600) with suspension grip. Made in Austria. MInt frame, some wear on the cap. IF I change with s new cap, you night think it is a new frame. Bar code label sticker on side beam. Grip 4 1/4.
    $175 plus shipping

    - Pro tour 690 mint. Made in AUstria. Grip 4 1/2. Bar code label sticker in side beam. $125 plus shipping

    I have the new ones as well, and I am keeping it for collection purpose.


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